Adventure is Waiting for You in This Brand New Slot from Relax Gaming, Heroes’ Gathering!

There are many board games that have gone on to inspire the creation of online slot titles (Monopoly and Cluedo are two good examples), but Heroes’ Gathering is a little bit different because it is a slot that has been made to seem like a board game. Other board games, such as Cluedo and Monopoly, have gone on to inspire the creation of online slot titles. This game, which was developed by the business Relax Gaming, will take you straight back to the days when you might have sat down with your buddies at a table, fired up your favorite role-playing game (RPG), and whiled away a few hours traveling through dungeons and slaying dragons along the way.

To begin, please pull up a chair.

Play of Heroes’ Gathering, like that of any other worthwhile board game, takes place around a table. This is the kind of table you may come across at an old inn; hence, you’ll discover wooden tankards in the manner of barrels, gold coins, and a few candles that are only halfway burned scattered about the surface. The slot machine itself has five reels and three rows, and the reels are shown in the middle of a game board that has a frame of places for players to maneuver their way around. The rows of the slot machine are also presented in the middle of the game board.

In Heroes’ Gathering, there are a total of twenty pay lines, and the symbols that can occur on the reels include three game pieces, three action tiles depicting daggers, a magic book, and a shield, as well as three characters: a goblin, a wizard, and a knight. In addition to these symbols, the game also makes use of a Bonus scatter and a Wild.

The creators of this game have done an excellent job of making it appear and feel like a board game. Furthermore, the audio gurus have not been slacking off, as evidenced by the fact that they have provided us with an incredible music that sounds as though it was taken straight from the Middle Ages.

The Main Attraction of the Board Game

The Board Game is the primary feature of this slot game, and the only way to activate it is to earn a Bonus symbol on the first, third, and fifth reels all at the same time. You will find three amulets to the left of the main playing area. Each one of these amulets corresponds to a different set of symbols and comes with its own prize pool. If you are successful in landing a win, the accompanying amulet pot will grow by an amount equal to two times the payline value of that win.

In this stage of the game, a symbol that looks like a wheel will come into action. When it does, the wheel will spin and give you a number between 1 and 6. After that, your pawn will move the same number of spaces around the board, and if it lands on an amulet symbol, a pin will be placed in the amulet that corresponds to that symbol. If you land on any corner square besides the one at the beginning of the game, you will be awarded a random prize. The amulet pins will be reset, and the game will proceed, but the prize pots for the amulet will continue to increase in value.

When you have gathered three pins for a certain amulet, this feature will no longer be available to you. If this occurs, you will not only be awarded the prize pot for that particular amulet, but you will also be awarded whatever prizes you may have garnered from the feature spins itself.

This feature is one of our favorites because it can last for a considerable amount of time, it simulates the action of a real board game, and it increases your chances of winning some seriously impressive sums of money.

A miniature feature on board games

Heroes’ Gathering has a Board Game mini-feature in addition to its primary component, which is a card game. This is activated by getting merely two Bonus symbols on any of the first, third, or fifth reels, and the layout is virtually identical to that of the main feature. The only difference is that you can win more prizes in this feature. The significant distinction in this case is that when your pawn moves to one of the three amulets for the first time, that amulet will become the sole one in play, and tiles connecting to the other amulets will be modified correspondingly. This is the key difference.

When there is just one amulet in play, the value of any victory that results from a spin will be multiplied by two and added to the pot for the active amulet. If you want to win the reward pot associated with the amulet, you will need to collect all three of the parts that correspond to it. After that, the function will no longer be available to you.

There is No Obligation to Dress Fancy.

Because Heroes’ Gathering is such a faithful recreation of a classic tabletop role-playing game, it is the ideal game to engage in when you want to take a break from the high-tech pressures that come with living in the 21st century. It is not necessary to gather a party of friends or put on a costume in order to play this slot machine rather than a regular role-playing game for real money, which is one of the advantages of doing so. You won’t even need to speak in a ridiculous voice for this. Simply go to Videoslots Casino, locate the game you want to play in the lobby, and then you can start the journey!






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